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Stories to Inspire

People all over the country are discovering the difference that future proofing can make to their lives.

There are lots of ways to future proof. Here are some brilliant real life examples. Click on the Hotspots to see how and where our Future Proof Ambassadors have improved their homes!

Dawn and Kevin’s House

Build an easy life!

Dawn and Kevin Truscott built this beautiful barn-style house with support from Welsh Oak Frame. It’s been cleverly designed to make life easier both now and in the future for the whole family.
Says Dawn: “It’s been life changing for us all but particularly our youngest daughter, Flo, who has Downs Syndrome.
“Open plan design, and some clever products and features, allow Flo to be more independent which makes a big difference to us all.”

Inspired by ‘Bake Off’, Neff ‘Hide and Slide’ ovens placed side by side and at the right access height make it easy for Flo and Dawn to cook together, or for Flo to heat things up independently
A Samsung larder-style fridge provides fantastic storage and easy to access too.
A hot tap makes it safer and easier for Flo to make a cup of tea.
A level access open plan layout throughout prevent slips and falls.
Underfloor heating powered by an Air Source heat pump keeps the house warm and affordable to run too.
Flush thresholds prevent trips and falls.
Aqualisa bathfillers are brilliant! Just press a button – it fills to the right temperature and stops when the bath is full enough!
A triple glaze Velux makes the house more energy efficient and allows for star gazing whilst bathing!
Aqualisa shower allows automatic start outside the shower, and an easy press “on/off” facility.
A low lip large 150cm shower tray will prevent trips and allow room for manoeuvre.
There is no shower door which makes it easier to get in and out.
A detachable hand shower allows for showering seating or standing as needed.
Lever handles are on all the taps and doors to make life easy for everyone.

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Hotel Chic

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These gorgeous products combined will create a bathroom space that boasts elegance whilst providing invisible support! The shower rails doulbe as grab rails and the sink and stool both have integrated hand grips should they be needed.

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Beautiful washbasin with built-in support!

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Designer shower stool

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Tug proof toilet roll holder with cover

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Swanky spare toilet roll holder

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Stylish 900mm support bar and towel rail

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Supportive shower stool

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L-shaped supportive shower rail and shower head holder

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Designed for ...

Multigenerational Living!

Tap the hotspots to find out why! This beautiful contemporary style kitchen has clever design features that make family life harmonious, and cooking easier and safer for all ages and abilities!

PULL DOWN SHELVES make it easy to see and access items up high.

HEAT PROOF RESTING SHELVES allow heavy pots to be transferred safely from the oven.

WATERFALL EDGES stop scalds and mess from hot spills.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE CORNER SHELVES make it easy to see and adjusts to suit a range of heights.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE WORKTOPS make it easy for the tallest and smallest family member to cook or wash-up standing or seated!

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Need space?

Smart idea

We love this innovative space saver that provides extra storage at the touch of a button. Built into the loft above, it lowers down giving you extra wardrobe storage or even a unique, easy to hide office space.

Additional wardrobe? Or temporary office space?

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Do you have a story to share?

We are always looking for stories to inspire other people. If you’d like to let other home improvers know how you future proofed your home please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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Q Do you love your home and plan to stay there for the next 10-15 years?

TIP A future proofed home is more saleable, safer and affordable to run.


Q Do you or any of your loved ones have any health issues that could affect their mobility or ability to remain independent in the future?

TIP Consider the needs of loved ones who may not live with you now, but may need to live or stay with you in the future.


Q Is your home (or theirs) in middle of nowhere?

TIP It's a good idea to factor in how close they are to a support network and how easy or difficult it will be to get the shops or the GP now and in the future. This will impact on the whole family in time.


Q Is the property in a hilly area?

TIP TIP: If your property has steps to the front door a good looking hand rails slope or gentle slope will help welcome them to the door.


Q Is it easy to get into and out of the property, and is there a downstairs loo?

TIP No matter where you live - a badly designed entrance and no loo downstairs makes life difficult for everyone especially Mums with prams and wheelchair users too.


Q Is it easy and affordable to heat your home?


Q Is the garden difficult to maintain?

TIP According to My Job Quote a gardener costs £14-20 per hour.


Whether moving or improving find out how to future proof your home.

Did you know there is a huge demand for more accessible energy efficient homes?

Use our 3D Visualiser to find out more.

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It looks like your home is going to be easy to future proof!

Use our 3D Visualiser to find out more.

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Make sure that with every home improvement you also cost in upgrades to the insulation in both floors, walls and in the roof AND add in double or triple glazed windows.

According to the Energy Saving Trust a hot water cylinder jacket costs just £15 and could save you around £20 a year in fuel bills.


If your garden and home are expensive to maintain and run, consider whether the costs are likely to outweigh the benefits in the future.


None of us know what will happen in the future but the Covid pandemic has taught us all to expect the unexpected.

By future proofing your home you'll create a safe haven that can adapt to cater for you and your family's future changing needs.

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A welcoming property will have a step free entrance at the front entrance and if not, at the back. Alternatively you can iron out bumpy entrances with slopes or ramps.

If your property is difficult to get into and there is no downstairs WC consider modifying the downstairs layout to add a bathroom or loo.

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Hills are really tricky for anyone with mobility issues as well as mums with prams which can make life difficult and tiring.

Local transport can provide a useful solution but consider the cost and reliability. If this is unaffordable you might want to consider a move.

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It looks like your home is going to be easy to future proof

Use our 3D Visualiser to find out more.

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